Gasoline Safety
Fire Chief John Bresnan and Fire Marshal Rusty McCombs have spent much time researching gasoline nozzle hold-open devices. Their research has led to the removal of the Homewood City Ordinance that prohibits the use of these devices on gasoline nozzles in the City of Homewood. It was determined to be much safer to use them instead of items such as a gas cap or wallet to hold the lever on the nozzle open.

Gasoline is highly flammable and can be extremely dangerous if not handled or stored safely. Static electricity can cause a spark to ignite gasoline vapors. You can cause a static electricity spark if you leave the nozzle and get back in your vehicle or if you do not remove a portable gasoline container from your vehicle and place it on the ground when refilling. Following these safety tips will help protect you and your family.

Fueling Vehicles
• Turn off the vehicle’s engine.
• Never smoke or operate any personal electronic devices during refueling.
• Never leave the nozzle unattended.
• Do not get back in your vehicle while refueling—static electricity could generate a spark.
• To avoid spills, do not overfill your tank.

Portable Gasoline Containers
• When filling a container follow the same rules as fueling a vehicle.
• Place the container on the ground.
• Never fill a container when it is inside a vehicle, trailer, trunk or pickup truck bed (static electricity could cause a spark).
• Fill the container slowly to avoid a spill.
• Fill the container no more than 90% full to allow for expansion of vapors.
• Never smoke while transporting gasoline.
• Never transport a container in a closed area or trunk.
• Store containers in a secure, well-ventilated location out of the reach of children.
• Never use gasoline to start a fire or pour it on a fire that has already been started.