Your Address
According to Fire Chief John Bresnan, Homewood Fire and Rescue Service has found it increasingly difficult to see some of the address identification numbers on houses, apartments and businesses within our city. This has been due to remodeling, architectural design, or omission of the address number entirely. The absence of a properly displayed address number can greatly delay the delivery of emergency services such as fires or medical emergencies. If you are not sure about the visibility of the numbers on your house, apartment or business, simply walk out to the street and look to see if you can read them. If you can’t read them we ask that you install new numbers.
Please follow the below suggestions for installing address numbers as soon as possible.

• All numbers should be at least 4 inches tall.
• The numbers should be a contrasting color to their background. (Consider reflective numbers)
• Numbers should be placed so they are visible from the street.
• The street mounted mailbox should be numbered on both sides because emergency vehicles may be responding from either direction.
• The numbers should not be blocked by vegetation.
• Suite and apartment numbers or letters are part of an address and need to be visible also.