Help Us With Parking
Homewood's fire trucks are having a difficult time accessing portions of the city due to narrow streets and on-street parking. Improperly parked vehicles have the potential to cause a severe delay in the arrival of a fire truck at the scene of an emergency. When seconds count, this delay may cause someone to lose their life, property damage at a fire to increase unnecessarily or a medical emergency to worsen.

Please help us maintain adequate clearance for the passage of a fire truck. Keep the following points in mind when on-street parking is required by you or your visitors:

-City Code prohibits parking within 30 feet of an intersection.
-Under City Code, an on-street parked vehicle must leave an unobstructed width of not less than 18 feet of paved street to remain open for the free passage of other vehicles.
-Parking on both sides of the street may leave inadequate clearance for a fire truck. The fire truck is incapable of negotiating the same turns and gap passage of a passenger vehicle.
-Parking in front of a fire hydrant or in a fire lane is prohibited.
-If you have a party or similar function at home please inform your guests to maintain access for fire trucks.

When choosing a parking place for your vehicle remember to consider how it may affect access by a fire truck.